Warrior Eco Power Products battery illustrating the products it can power

If you're looking for a set of tools that can help you get your garden looking as you intend - the Warrior Eco range offers a quick and easy solution. Cordless and operating on batteries, they allow you to get to places and in positions that may prove difficult with corded equipment.

Aside from that, the reason why Warrior Eco stands out is that one battery will fit all of its equipment. Whether it's a mower, blower, trimmer or chainsaw, all Warrior Eco Power Equipment cordless tools are equipped with long-lasting and faster-charging lithium-ion batteries to provide ultimate flexibility.

Moreover, the same charger will charge the single battery required to run each tool - whether you're mowing, trimming or sawing.

Why Use Warrior Eco Cordless Garden Tools?

The Batteries - Making Use of Samsung Technology

To underline the quality of the Warrior Eco range, they make use of batteries created by world-leading technology brand, Samsung. Boasting a management system that regulates the charging, output and temperature of the battery, the fast-charging system can take a 'dead' battery and have it fully charged within 40 minutes. While in use, the battery has a LED status indicator to show just how much charge is left - so no frustrating 'surprises' when you're in the middle of a job; you'll always be aware of how much charge you have left.

(It should be noted that although the lawn mower can be used with one battery, we recommend using two for optimum performance. The extra battery can then be used as back-up for all other tools, so you never run out of power on the toughest jobs).

The Advantages of Using Warrior Eco Tools

Same Job, Better Results

Cordless battery-powered garden tools can do the same job as any corded electric or petrol-powered garden equivalent - while doing away with extension cord dangers and intoxicating petrol fumes. Not only are they as powerful, but with the advance in technology, the batteries now last long enough for most common garden jobs.

More reliable

Battery-powered garden tools are much more reliable than their petrol engine competitors - in most cases, you simply need to plug in a fully-charged battery in your selected tool, press the start button and you're up and running.

A greener way to manage your garden

Cordless electric battery-powered garden equipment has evolved to be the best and greenest choice over petrol-powered garden tools. In fact, cordless electric garden tools are now outselling their petrol counterparts and will no doubt replace them in the near future. So, it makes economic sense to invest now in a one-size-fits-all battery system of cordless garden tools.

Economic Sense and Savings

If you calculate the initial cost of your cordless product when bought with the battery and charger, its advantages will soon pay it back. This isn't the case with other types of garden tools - the initial purchase price will come with additional upfront costs of petrol, oil, filters and maintenance. And that's just for ONE tool. With Warrior Eco, any additional tool can use the same battery - so you can buy just the 'bare tool' without the extra cost of batteries and charger. Thus, saving you a considerable amount of money.

Although it might seem that the start-up costs for cordless equipment are a little higher than other tools, when you look at your overall operating costs and savings, the initial investment in a cordless battery-powered system really starts to make sense. The average cordless battery unit costs barely 1p per hour to operate - in comparison, its equivalent petrol counterpart costs approximately 68p per hour to run. That is a massive saving over a 5-year period. If the battery-powered unit cost is around the same price as a comparable petrol unit you will start saving right from the start.

Changing Over To Warrior Eco Cordless Tools

If you already have a fully equipped set of garden tools and still aren't convinced whether you should switch, here is a summary of the top reasons to change to Warrior Eco battery-powered tools:

  • Using the Warrior Eco System means one battery…
  • …which fits ALL Warrior Eco tools.
  • They are fast charging, with a battery management system and LED status indicator.
  • They are much more eco-friendly - no exhaust, no petrol, means no intoxicating fumes.
  • They are lighter than most petrol-powered tools, hence are easier to manoeuvre.
  • Less noisy - battery-powered tools are extremely quiet in comparison to petrol units.
  • Ease of use - unlike corded electrical tools, you are not restricted by the length of your cable.
  • Minimal maintenance - no oil to change, petrol to fill or spark plugs to buy. Simply keep the battery charged, clean the unit, sharpen or replace any blades and lubricate a few of the moving parts.
  • Save money - battery-powered tools are less expensive to run and you won't need to purchase petrol or oil.

Why not browse our website to learn more about the Warrior Eco garden tools we have on sale? If you have any questions to ask about any of these items, our team are always on hand to help - you can call them on 01942 715407or by using the form on our contact page to send an e-mail.

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